Our life and the events therein are ours to own. Often, however, we separate and disassociate ourselves from our life. It’s as if a car pulls up and we get in the back seat instead of the driver’s seat. What do I mean?

Let’s us use the analogy of a typical manager. A manager has many choices of ‘how to manage’ their employees: the choice of being very hands-on or very hands-off, of being collaborative or not, of guiding and mentoring versus providing no guidance or potentially just chastising and lambasting. It’s a choice, although it might not be a choice that is consciously made.  How do managers become aware of their style? Potentially, managers learn a style that that helps them connect with their work and the people they serve. They take classes and read books. They talk to their peers. But do they think of how their style impacts the employees he/she serves? 

How do we apply this to our lives, our path, and our personal journey? Do you know your management style? Meaning, do you know how you manage and direct your life? Are you collaborative? Do you guide yourself, mentor yourself, and steward yourself?  Have you even thought about your own management style of your life? This is the first step. Become aware of your role. Next, observe yourself and ask others for input on what they see. Are you hard on yourself? Do you have unobtainable goals and expectations? Find out. Ask questions both of yourself and your peers and learn your style. Once you know your management style, determine how it serves you both positively and negatively. Set a course for what you might want to change or modify. You might want to set goals that are more realistic. You might want to find ways to coach yourself in a positive rather than a negative way.

Stewardship. The role you play in the management of YOUR life, your path, your journey.



Kathryn Lowe
08/15/2009 19:09

Somewhere along the way, I stopped managing my life and let all the forces of life manage ME. I stopped growing and living. Gave up my passion and dreams (goals). My own inertia has brought me to this place of "is that all there is?" I must wake up and get back on track or leave the world now. You have inspired me to do that. I'll be in touch soon. Thank you SO much.


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